Helping You Reach Your Dreams

Take a leap of faith and go after your dream of being a flight attendant. At Aviation Consultants-Inflight, we’ll prepare you as much as we possibly can before you undergo training at your new company.

We will prepare you before you join your new airline and help you excel in their extensive flight attendant program. After all, you will already know 75% of the subject material. They will give you all the classified and sensitive information your new airline will want you to know.

Our Company

Our staff of current and retired flight attendants has over 75 years in the industry. We have Line Captain J. John as our Quality Control Officer and Sandra Lochard, ATS in our team.

Owner and CEO Sara C. Coleman started as a stewardess and worked her way up the management ladder. When they changed the name to “flight attendant,” she was just moving up to Manager of Inflight Training to Director of Inflight Service position.

She retired from the airlines as Manager of Inflight Services and Manager of Flight Attendant Training for USA 3000, a charter airline serving Apple Vacations.

Mission Statement

Mission statement is to provide quality flight attendant students for their program.

Join Our Discussion

Get the chance to interact with seasoned flight attendants. We always invite corporate and local commercial airline flight attendant to come in our classrooms and have lunch with us. For questions and other concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at 832-836-1270 .

Director Quality Control